MGA Coupe

Stunning little Coupe in for some works to its rear suspension and a checkover.

1963 Mercedes 230SL

A very nice early 230SL in for works to the clutch and injection system plus an MOT

1957 Mercedes 190SL

A great looking 190SL in for service works and to have a period radio fitted

Brake drums were removed to check on shoe condition as just out of long term storage

Jensen 541

This very rare early Jensen 541 in for a full restoration, 24th car built so very special

Pre strip down 

As delivered to us on its restored chassis

The front suspension will be stripped down, restored and assembled to allow for the body alignment to begin.

One of the first 30 cars it has some unique features that must be retained

Shell has had a gelcoat put on it and chrome to be trial fitted. Front suspension and steering to go on next.

New sills to be fitted next week.

Steering and front suspension overhauled and back on its wheels

Back to the paintshop for priming and a good few hours for final preparation and paint.

TR4 and Austin 7 in for service works

These lovely cars were in for the same problem; poor running and needed carburettor stripdown and service.

Love the TR4 registration!

Jaguar XK140

Rally spec XK140 in for service and works to its exhaust

1962 VW Van

(See 2016 page). Back from the paint shop with second colour applied.

Fit up begins.

Back on its wheels with glass in, rubbers fitted and the exterior lights up and running.

Off on its way to have a Subaru 2 litre engine conversion

Subaru engine now fitted and running well. Brake servo upgrade to go on and then final fit up.

BMW 2002 Baur Targa

This Baur Targa in for minor paintwork and repair to the passenger door, unfortunately the lower section of the door shell and lower skin had started to rust through.

Previous paint reaction on rear wing rectified pre paintwork

Minor chips around the nose and the bonnet fixed up at the same time

Fitted back up and ready for client collection

Mercedes 230SL

Another early 230SL in for works to its brakes and an MOT

Love the colour scheme on this car!

Ferrari Dino

Engine being rebuilt while car is being painted.

Emmanuel Grigoriou of did a fantastic job with restoring the Weber carburettors

Rolling shell back from paintshop after its body rebuild.

In its guide coat for fit up of all body fittings. Any shaping issues can be taken care of now prior to final paintwork to ensure everything fits as it should.

Jensen Interceptor SP

A really nice Jensen SP in for works to its fuel system prior to being offered for sale

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