Daimler Dart

This A spec Daimler Dart in for repairs to the drivers door and some service work.

Whole side had to blend painted in after the repairs were completed

BMW 2002

1976 2002 Tii in for new front wing and sill repairs and then a full repaint in its original colour yellow

Removal of front wing exposed inner wing rust that has now been cut out and replaced

Fit up after paintwork finished

Final polish and then it will be ready for its owner to take out on the road


This TR6 in for new floors and works to inner wings

Works have involved removing the sill completely as a lot more rust was found in the chassis support sections where the body is attached.

New panels being let in

Ready for return to its owner for paintwork

Ferrari 308 GT4

This 308 is in for cambelt change and engine checkover before going back to the paintshop

Minor corrosion was found on some of the cooling pipes which were replaced and new gaskets were fitted as a matter of course.

Dino back from the paintshop and engine ready to go back in..

Engine in

Porsche 356

Porsche 356 in for carb set up and engine tune up

Fiat Dino

This lovely Fiat Dino is in for a new radiator, carb balancing and some cosmetic jobs before it went off to the Le Mans Classic

Jaguar XK150

Jaguar XK 150 in for engine and gearbox removal for core plug change and a rebuilt overdrive unit

Jaguar E Type S2

Series 2 E Type in for left to right hand drive conversion

1969 280SL

This 280SL came to us from the bodyshop for paintwork and assembly

This car will be one of the best with all new chrome, new leather interior, new black hood and a fully rebuilt engine

Engine bay being fitted up

New chrome on

Dashboard assembly and interior next

Underside shot showing all new brake pipes and exhaust system

Fully rebuilt and detailed engine view

The hubcaps are at the paintshop and will finish the car off nicely. Final geometry check to be carried out before its first road run after its lengthy rebuild.

Shakedown phase always brings out last minute adjustments on a large restoration project, nearly there!

As delivered to the client...... oil change and suspension checkover will be carried out after 1500 miles.


1954 300SL Gullwing

This 52000 mile car imported from the USA is being repainted back to its original white grey colour with blue vinyl and plaid interior.

Interior and all chrome being removed

Over arch eyebrows and sills to be removed next

Car still looks good when stripped!

Paint stripped and car base primed

Some corrosion was found under the arch eyebrow sections and was cut out for repairs

Wheels will refurbished and finished in body colour

Chassis tubing all good and will be cleaned and painted before body tub goes back in

Car now painted and ready for flatting

Due back to us soon for assembly and retrim

Sanding off the chassis tubing for painting before we start fitting up.

Wheels being restored and to be painted body colour. Fitting up the chrome next

Interior trimwork going well with screens to go in next. The seats have been returned to the original plaid blue pattern.

Doors now fitted after new aperture rubbers were let in

Shakedown stages pre final fit up

Final cut and polish and then side trims etc will be fitted

Ready for shakedown and final adjustments

1962 VW Van

This ex Tasmanian fire van, very rare in right hand drive, is having a full body rebuild. Although very rust free it has a lot of damaged body panels that need replacing.

Fuel tank being drained for engine and gearbox removal

Left hand side panel removed, lower post sections will be repaired where they meet the floor

All framing has to have edges ground flat prior to rust proofing and panel fit

Section media blasted and coated

New panels being let in

New panels being let in, cargo doors next. Van very rust free but has had poor repairs in the past, being rectified as we go.

Base van shell nearly there with welding with the cargo doors and engine lids to be attended to next.

Getting close to finishing the base shell

Both front door steps needed replacing along with the lower van side panel

New lower front panel being fitted

New engine cover and lower tailgate panels fitted

Final alignment of panel gaps and then ready for the paintshop

Base colour applied and going back on its wheels.

Close to going back to the paint shop for the other half of its two tone finish and then in for a Subaru engine conversion. See 2017 page for continuation....

1961 Aston Martin DB4

May 2016: DB4 in for power steering installation, new starter motor and minor works

1968 Jensen Interceptor Mk 1

February 2016: Interceptor in for works to its brakes and rear shock absorbers

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