Porsche 356 Outlaw

Our favourite so far! An Emery Outlaw 356 from the US in for works and attention to its exhaust. Car was set up for US low octane fuel, a few adjustments to jets etc and this 356 now flies along as it should.

Aston Martin DBS V8

Lovely manual DBS in for service works

Series 2 E Type Jaguar

US spec E Type Roadster in for servicing and some trim works plus UK registration.

Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

Retrim of this lovely 230SL using new leather hides and original style seat covers.

Ferrari Dino's

Two Dino's in for service!

Lancia Flaminia

Stunning Lancia Flaminia in for engine works

Great with top down

Mercedes 300SL Roadster

Highly original 300SL in for engine bay works

Looking good with its rare hardtop fitted

Mercedes 190SL

Stunning 190SL in for works

Axle being removed for new seals and gaskets plus an overhaul of the brakes.


Total contrast to the 190SL we have a TVR 400SE in for recommissioning and some frontal chassis works

Series 1 E Type Jaguar

Stunning series 1 coupe in for engine works

Bonnet removed for easier access

Cylinder heads removed

1954 Sunbeam Alpine Special

This rare works car in for stripdown, panel alignment and repaint

Having been restored in the past stripdown has been fairly straight forward

Alpine Specials had the alluminium bootlid

Engine bay to be brought up to standard

All panel gaps to be improved on this car

Getting ready for final paint

Ful flat and polish

The wheels will be painted a darker red to contrast with the interior

Back at our workshop for fit up

Love the rear view of this car

Side trims refitted and alignment improved where needed

All original chrome and lighting to be retained

Engine going back in after a refresh with new gaskets

Hood up to check on screen alignment

Getting close to a road test

Bonnet back on and the wheels have been repainted in a darker red.

Volvo 544

544 rally car in for new exhaust and some substantial engine, suspension and brake works after a long time out of service.

Series 1 E Type Jaguar

Stunning early roadster in for minor works.

1971 Mercedes 280SL

US spec car in for works to the seats and hood cover.

1973 Lotus Elan

Baby Elan in for suspension works and a new steering rack.


1980 Citroen GS Service Van

Our works van having a repaint

Back with us to have the underside coated and works on the rear brakes. The air suspension can be locked out to have the rear raised for access.

1965 Daimler 250 V8

This car has not been on the road for a good number of years and has come into us for new brakes all round (Coopercraft) and recommissioning.

New brake hoses and pipes fitted as well as numerous suspension components. New floor sections were needed plus front jacking points and repairs to the leaf spring attachment points. Although MOT is not needed on a vehicle over 40 years old it is a good idea as this car was unsafe to drive and can be seen from repairs below.

New interior going in

Quite a large job as new furflex seals are being fitted at the same time, timber sections need to be removed to allow for the fixings.

1963 Corvette

Lovely C2 Corvette that we look after regularly, in for works to wheel bearings and general checkover.

Mercedes 230SL

A lovely early 230SL in for dashboard repaint and retrim

All dashchrome to be attended to as well as timber sections

Ferrari 458

458 in for minor paintwork

Jaguar E Type Roadster

This Roadster in for a service and MOT

Mercedes 280SL

280SL in for an engine bay refurbishment

Volvo Amazon

This 122GT in for a tune up and carburetor balance.

Mercedes 230SL

This lovely 230SL in for steering box rebuild and an electric power steering conversion

Mercedes 300SL Roadster

This stunning 300SL in for a new clutch and service

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, 50's Sunbeam Alpine and Volvo 164

All in for service works, quite a mix this month!

Mercedes 190SL (continuing from 2017)

The braking system needed a full overhaul with the shoes out of adjustment and a couple of leaking cylinders

Final check over the underside as numerous suspension bushes have been replaced

Back together and ready for some summer use

Lotus Europa

A very original Europa in for a repaint, the best original example we have seen with less than 35000 miles on the clock

All external trim and paint removed

Any cracks in the fibre glass were repaired prior to a new gel coat application

Looks great in its raw form!

Back from paintshop

Alloy wheels in original condition

Fit up begins

Love the rear view

Gold JPS striping in place

One of the best Europas we have seen

Mercedes 250SL

This very nice 250SL in for a checkover of the fuel injection system

Jaguar E Type S2 Roadster

A very original low mileage Series 2 E Type in for new exhaust system and recommission after being off the road for many years.

We took the bonnet off to get easier access to the engine for a clean up and works to the radiator, heater assembly and the carbs.

New set of shock absorbers fitted together with new braking system

Painted air box and heater unit back in place

Bonnet back on and getting closer to delivery

Ferrari Dino (continuing from 2017)

Dino back with us for some trim removal as final paint colour now confirmed and ready to go.

Ready for fit up in its new paint

MOT'd and going through its shake down phase

Mercedes 280SL

One of our favourite recent restorations, the 280SL in for suspension checkover and some minor detailing

We have now fitted its restored hardtop

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