Mercedes 300SL Roadster

This stunning 300SL in for a new clutch and service

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, 50's Sunbeam Alpine and Volvo 164

All in for service works, quite a mix this month!

Mercedes 190SL (continuing from 2017)

The braking system needed a full overhaul with the shoes out of adjustment and a couple of leaking cylinders

Final check over the underside as numerous suspension bushes have been replaced

Lotus Europa

A very original Europa in for a repaint, the best original example we have seen with less than 35000 miles on the clock

All external trim and paint removed

Any cracks in the fibre glass were repaired prior to a new gel coat application

Looks great in its raw form!

Mercedes 250SL

This very nice 250SL in for a checkover of the fuel injection system

Jaguar E Type S2 Roadster

A very original low mileage Series 2 E Type in for new exhaust system and recommission after being off the road for many years.

We took the bonnet off to get easier access to the engine for a clean up and works to the radiator, heater assembly and the carbs.

New set of shock absorbers fitted together with new braking system

Ferrari Dino (continuing from 2017)

Dino back with us for some trim removal as final paint colour now confirmed and ready to go.

Ready for fit up in its new paint

Mercedes 280SL

One of our favourite recent restorations, the 280SL in for suspension checkover and some minor detailing

We have now fitted its restored hardtop

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