1970 Jaguar E Type S2

November 2015: this Coupe was fully restored with new interior.

Vehicle being stripped down, engine and gearbox were in good condition so cleaned and painted where required.

Vehicle was stripped down to a shell, media blasted and rebuilt with new Robey panels.

Left hand side completed

Interior metalwork was found to be very solid

Initial primer phase

Back from paintshop and halfway through fit up

New leather interior fitted, dashboard was good and retained as is, new alcantara headlining was a customer request

Shakedown phase and then ready for customer collection. A lot of original brightwork was retained including the chrome wire wheels.

1930 Matchless Silver Hawk

October 2015: A 1930 Matchless Silver Hawk fully restored with rebuilt engine and gearbox. A lot of original parts retained and repaired including the fuel tank and the exhaust. This bike was fantastic on completion and now lives in Germany.

As found in storage in Reading

1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

July 2015: imported from Japan 6 months ago this 300SL has has a fully rebuilt engine by our partner engineer Martin Cushway together with new clutch, rebuilt gearbox and injection system.

Engine is bullet proof now

20 years of storage in a museum in Japan meant a lot of work on the fuel and electrical sytems by us before it could be UK registered and made reliable

Triumph TR4A

August 2015: TR4A in for engine rebuild and works to steering and suspension

August 2015: a second TR4A in, this one for chassis welding, door alignment and recommission

1965 Aston Martin DB5

March 2015: This left hand drive DB5 was imported from the USA and was stripped down for a full body rebuild and repaint back to original silver birch

Glass, external trim and paint removed first to assess condition of bodyshell and then all mechanicals were removed.

Stripped down to a shell and on its way to the paintshop

Front end being shaped

Painted shell back for re assembly

On goes the suspension and brightwork

Engine and gearbox in place

Dashboard and interior progress

Dynamat throughout before the leather interior going in

Nearly there!

Best part of the project.......shaking down the car pre customer delivery

1972 Ferrari Dino

August 2014: a nice original Dino to be fully restored

Stripdown of vehicle after mechanical checkover

Engine was fully rebuilt with new cylinder heads

A lot of new metalwork was required, previous works were uncovered and a lot of filler was removed.

New door skins and rear wing sections were needed

Plus a new bonnet skin made to fit

Off to the paintshop

Early primer stages

Early primer stages

Colour coats going on

Engine bay ready for the power plant

Fit up stage

Rebuilt suspension all round

On its wheels after they were refurbished and fitted with new tyres

Rebuilt engine in place

Nearly there with final chrome to be fitted and then off for MOT

On the road and ready for delivery to customer

1955 Porsche Speedster

May 2014: this Speedster was imported from the USA for us to recommission and UK register. We then stripped it down to return it to its original colour scheme

Vehicle stripped down for the paintshop

Bodywork was in very sound condition

Primer stage

Painted white and ready to refit.

 Engine and gearbox left alone as was the interior apart from the seats which were retrimmed.

This was a joy to work on as the car was very original and well looked after by its previous owners in the US

Love the interior!

Hardtop was left as it was in correct black finish

Finished article

1963 Corvette

2014: Corvette C2 in for disc brake conversion and power steering

1965 Volvo 1800S

2013: Volvo 1800S in for new interior and wire wheel conversion. See our other site www.p1800specialist.com for this and other 1800's

Jensen style interior fitted

New suspension all round and a fast road engine were also fitted to this car under a separate project. The wire wheels really suit this car

Jensen 541

2013: Jensen 541S converted from automatic to manual gearbox

A rare car indeed

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